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Moneymatch and Kuwait Finance House partnering to provide cross-border payments for KFH’s customers. #Ripple#XRP prices static, undervalued? perhaps fintechnews.my/...nkfx/

Kuwait Finance House First to Adopt MoneyMatch's Enterprise Solution - Fintech News Malaysia

MoneyMatch and Kuwait Finance House today announced a strategic collaboration to provide cross-border payments for its customers.

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Will not stop preaching this, #Ripple#XRP prices, by default, are designed to be stable---and low. Reason? #xRapid. #Ripple has contracts with FIs and for them to use xRapid, they must cheaply purchase #XRP away from the open market. Confirmed!! twitter.com/...49760

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#Ripple Inc has partnered with six Indian banks and the latest is #FederalBank, a dominant player in the Indian remittance circles controlling a massive 15 percent. If anything this is a strategic move by Ripple Inc and just a step closer towards controlling 80 percent of India's Remittance, a feat #AsheeshBirla so desires!!!! Remember his interview? Lol... youtu.be/...l5chw

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