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Moneymatch and Kuwait Finance House partnering to provide cross-border payments for KFH’s customers. #Ripple#XRP prices static, undervalued? perhaps fintechnews.my/...nkfx/

Kuwait Finance House First to Adopt MoneyMatch's Enterprise Solution - Fintech News Malaysia

MoneyMatch and Kuwait Finance House today announced a strategic collaboration to provide cross-border payments for its customers.

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Charlie Shrem,who spent time behind bars,says Facebook's Global Coin is a threat to #XRP. Well,there are many threats to Ripple and XRP. Beginning with regulators and the nature of xRapid. For operation and for banks to actually use xRapid, then #XRP must be affordable. This means there are limited upsides. Compounding woes are regulators and the low adoption rates plus the rise and rise of stablecoins. #Binance will launch one pegging to the GBP while others plan to roll out via Stellar and World Wire. Interesting times going forward. twitter.com/...16705

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Will not stop preaching this, #Ripple#XRP prices, by default, are designed to be stable---and low. Reason? #xRapid. #Ripple has contracts with FIs and for them to use xRapid, they must cheaply purchase #XRP away from the open market. Confirmed!! twitter.com/...49760

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From#BitcoinCash unintended hard fork to #Monero hash-rate drop, there are more reasons to be bullish on #XRP than any other coins out there. A #price doubling is on the card...80 cents anyone?

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We all agree that #NYDFS approving #Bitstamp application and issuing it with a #Bitlicense is the best thing towards creating this Internet of Value or #IOV. Now Europe can connect with the US via #InterLedger through connectors as #KavaLabs or the Ripple Ledger, XRPL, will be used to auto-bridge #Bitstamp with #XRP being the native currency facilitating fund transfer.Massive!!!

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Interestingly,#BitHumb was hacked and a reported $4.2 million worth of #EOS, that about 3 Million EOS coins and a further 20 million #XRP coins, stolen. This was the second time in 12 short months and well, the explanation was bogus!! said it was " accident involving insiders."You heard that right!! $4.2 million in an accident! Well, here's what you should do to protect yourself:  ethereumworldnews.com/...igns/

Move Funds When An Exchange Show These Bad Signs

Hacks, fake volumes, scam and con artists are all over this unregulated space. If any of these signs show, then it’s time to take off and move your funds elsewhere.

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Finally,#coinBase  like they did #XRP is ready for #Stellar, it's only a matter of time.

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