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Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $10,447.20  on  Sep 3, 2019

The race to launch a Bitcoin #ETF is getting really close... Despite being postponed by the #SEC, #VanEck and #SolidX plan to launch a limited version of an ETF this week. OK Ok! Not quite an ETF but still bullish. Right? www.coindesk.com/...eport

VanEck, SolidX to Offer Bitcoin ETF-Like Product to Institutions - CoinDesk

VanEck and SolidX aim to launch a limited bitcoin ETF for institutions in the U.S. later this week, but retail investors will be locked out.

Veritaseum icon Veritaseum  at  $7.30  on  Aug 13, 2019

Veritaseum got slapped with an emergency #lawsuit from the #SEC for allegedly misled investors during their #ICO. This is why the price has fallen so hard. www.theblockcrypto.com/...oney/

SEC files emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum to stop spending millions of dollars in ICO money - The Block

The SEC has filed an emergency lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn to prevent Reginald Middleton and Veritaseum from spending $8 million from an ICO the SEC contends was fraudulently unde...

XRP icon XRP  at  $0.36  on  Apr 3, 2019

Finally, the #SEC is laying out a guideline differentiating between investing in a #utility and a #security --complying with #HoweyTest. This is a major breakthrough guys....the #summer is here...www.sec.gov/...ssets

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