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add active $10,824.20 on Jul 15, 2019

Points in Time

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $12,653.90 on Jul 9, 2019

Sad, the largest Crypto exchange in Poland is going under. #BTC, #ETH and #BTG holders given a short notice to withdraw their funds! fuk.io/...utes/

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $12,665.20 on Jul 9, 2019

Everyone bullish on #BTC,from$3,200   at  the depths of last year's winter to just over $14,000 in June 2019. Well, the signals are there. There are many fundamental factors that may propel BTC to new highs. But of course, it would be worth it and very meaningful if #Bitcoin blast past $20,00. twitter.com/...80320

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $11,223.90 on Jul 5, 2019

Think  about it, #Bitcoin is freedom money. American Founders agitated for freedom and their distaste for paper money is well known and documented widely. In my view, these champions, assuming we take the time machine, would be #BTC holders in the present day. Here's why: ethereumworldnews.com/...46197

American Founders Would Likely Be Bitcoin (BTC) Holders, Here's Why

Taking a time-machine, it is easy to conclude that American Founders would likely have been Bitcoin (BTC) holders given their distaste for paper money.

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $11,317.90 on Jul 3, 2019

What if there is a way of converting regular fiat ATMs to #Bitcoin dispensers? Well, there is a possibility of that happening in coming months. Nothing official as of now but the opportunity is massive for #BTC especially in their strive for mass adoption. #TheTimeIsNow: ethereumworldnews.com/...atms/

Soon, 3 Million Traditional ATMs Will Double Function As Bitcoin ATMs

Sources have it that a new software upgrade will soon be in place to convert more than 3 million regular ATMs to Bitcoin dispensing ATMs.

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $10,794.00 on Jul 2, 2019

The big boys are coming! ErisX Digital will be providing a Bitcoin backed futures exchange. Matt Trudeau talks about the benefits of a Unified Platform for digital assets. #NASDAQtwitter.com/...97253

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $10,562.10 on Jul 2, 2019

After an in-depth research,#DelphiCapital concluded that21.5percent of all #Bitcoin #BTC addresses are holders. Their coins have been safely tucked in the same address over the last five years. But that's not all. A whopping 60 percent of #BTC holders have been holding their coins in the last year. If anything, this is a direct endorsement of #Bitcoin's stability, security and reliability.thenextweb.com/...2019/

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $11,423.70 on Jun 25, 2019

The current #Bitcoin resurgence is at the back of many coinciding factors. All of them are supportive. From Central banks interventions, especially the US #FED that is likely to yield to President Trump's demands to a wobbly world economy. With uncertainty, #Bitcoin is the safe haven. Gold is finding a new, better, faster, digital, new-age competition available for everyone with known limited supply. The number is 21 million and 2020 is when Halving happens!! The #BTC rally just began!

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $8,018.67 on Jun 12, 2019

Yes,#Bitcoin is "energy inefficient" because of PoW. This narrative could be true in a way,but not all the time. This energy is tied to BTC means any form of attack on the network will demand using money. By anchoring #Bitcoin to real economic value (energy), the only way to change the ledger is to “re-do all the work” aka spend the same amount of money in the form of electricity.That is the Energy Shield that makes #BTC so unique

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $7,828.22 on Jun 11, 2019

#Bitcoin perfect tailwind is #Facebook's entry. Well, how about 2 billion plus people, glued to WhatsApp and Facebook. A Stablecoin, low volatility, a safe haven for ravaged economies especially in the third world. A stablecoin is the route for BTC investment and that is why #BTC may surge to over $50,000 by 2023. 

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $7,959.43 on Jun 8, 2019

As long as centralized exchanges are in control, don't expect #BTC fees to reduce. #Coinbase and #BitMex are perpetrator, profiteering from every buy or sell: twitter.com/...97664

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $7,726.67 on Jun 6, 2019

The heist at #Blockstream is appalling. No tangible success yet employees pay themselves astronomical salaries. Each #BTC is fixed at $350, a 99% Discount from market rates: twitter.com/...80449

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $8,726.78 on May 27, 2019

#Bitcoin is literally flirting with the $9,000 mark. But, even at this spot rate, #BTC is undervalued because analysts project that in the next 25 years, there will be a wealth transfer where an estimated $68 trillion will change hands. What if 10 percent of that flows to #BTC? twitter.com/...39616

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $8,090.07 on May 24, 2019

#Bitcoin#BTC foundation is set, the number of BTC addresses could surpass the 800k per day mark. This is exactly what the community needs, the fuel for the next leg up to $10k and beyond twitter.com/...714 

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $7,647.71 on May 23, 2019

Happy Pizza for Bitcoin Day! Today was the day laszlo ordered a pizza for 10,000 BTC, now be worth around USD $76,000,000. The original post can be found here:  bitcointalk.org/...137.0

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $7,854.57 on May 20, 2019

#Bulgaria has been smart hoarding a huge amount of #Bitcoin, estimated to be over 200,000 #BTC. If the price goes over $100,000 then the total value of Bulgaria's Bitcoin reserves would be worth $20 Billion exceeding Britain's total #Gold reserve value

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Overview of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency introduced in 3 January 2009 by an unknown entity naming himself Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea and purpose of Bitcoin is to make decentralized and pseudo-anonymous transactions. It uses proof-of-work system to create new coins. It has a block creation time of 10 minutes in average and block size of 1MB. As of 2009 (creation of bitcoin), each block gave you 50 btc to the miner of that block, that value being halved every 4 years (giving today 12.5 per block). Smallest unit is called one satoshi which is 0.00000001 bitcoin or one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. Bitcoin also has transaction fees which, miners get verifying transactions. The technology used in bitcoin is very limited on creation of smart contracts. Bitcoin can handle up to 3.3 – 7 transactions per second.

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