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add active $0.32 on Jul 15, 2019

Points in Time

XRP icon XRP at $0.40 on Jul 3, 2019

Moneymatch and Kuwait Finance House partnering to provide cross-border payments for KFH’s customers. #Ripple #XRP prices static, undervalued? perhaps fintechnews.my/...nkfx/

Kuwait Finance House First to Adopt MoneyMatch's Enterprise Solution - Fintech News Malaysia

MoneyMatch and Kuwait Finance House today announced a strategic collaboration to provide cross-border payments for its customers.

XRP icon XRP at $0.42 on Jun 8, 2019

Charlie Shrem,who spent time behind bars,says Facebook's Global Coin is a threat to #XRP. Well,there are many threats to Ripple and XRP. Beginning with regulators and the nature of xRapid. For operation and for banks to actually use xRapid, then #XRP must be affordable. This means there are limited upsides. Compounding woes are regulators and the low adoption rates plus the rise and rise of stablecoins. #Binance will launch one pegging to the GBP while others plan to roll out via Stellar and World Wire. Interesting times going forward. twitter.com/...16705

XRP icon XRP at $0.41 on Jun 4, 2019

The Power of #InterLedgerProtocol. The ultimate goal is interoperability and Ripple Inc advocating for XRP is doing a pretty good job at it. Now, technical details of #ProjectStella where the objective is to enhance cross border transfers between #Japan #BoJ and the #ECB. twitter.com/...99010

XRP icon XRP at $0.45 on May 30, 2019

Will not stop preaching this, #Ripple #XRP prices, by default, are designed to be stable---and low. Reason? #xRapid. #Ripple has contracts with FIs and for them to use xRapid, they must cheaply purchase #XRP away from the open market. Confirmed!! twitter.com/...49760

XRP icon XRP at $0.43 on May 16, 2019

From#BitcoinCash unintended hard fork to #Monero hash-rate drop, there are more reasons to be bullish on #XRP than any other coins out there. A #price doubling is on the card...80 cents anyone?

XRP icon XRP at $0.33 on Apr 15, 2019

www.youtube.com/...This video/article is more solid information for XRP holders. May 2019 is when XRP should see some spikes.

XRP icon XRP at $0.36 on Apr 10, 2019

We all agree that #NYDFS approving #Bitstamp application and issuing it with a #Bitlicense is the best thing towards creating this Internet of Value or #IOV. Now Europe can connect with the US via #InterLedger through connectors as #KavaLabs or the Ripple Ledger, XRPL, will be used to auto-bridge #Bitstamp with #XRP being the native currency facilitating fund transfer.Massive!!!

XRP icon XRP at $0.36 on Apr 3, 2019

Finally, the #SEC is laying out a guideline differentiating between investing in a #utility and a #security --complying with #HoweyTest. This is a major breakthrough guys....the #summer is here...www.sec.gov/...ssets

XRP icon XRP at $0.36 on Apr 3, 2019

www.youtube.com/... XRP may be on the start of there run. Get ready

XRP icon XRP at $0.34 on Apr 2, 2019

#BradGarlinghouse,the CEO of Ripple cannot be convinced otherwise. In an interview with #Fortune, he said #stablecoins like #JPMCoin are chaotic in an already fragmented market. He sees no value proposition but is positive of adoption. Will this be XRP and Ripple Inc year? Prices are thus far impressive! fortune.com/...lues/

The Ledger: Ripple and JPM, Coinbase Loves Stake, Mining Blues

The leading edge of finance and technology.

XRP icon XRP at $0.31 on Apr 1, 2019

#xRapid, that is the name of the game! Not #xCurrent or #xVia or whatever #Brad says. Luckily, there is volumes and #Bittrex, #BitStamp, #Coinsph and #BitSo are opening new payment corridors with XRP as a liquidity tool. Volumes are rising and we expect prices to follow suit...check it out: twitter.com/...85761

BehindtheLedger on Twitter

“As Sunday starts to wind down (based on UTC times), here's the tally for the Bitstamp -> Bitso path, past 7 days 370 payments today, total 598,000 xrp. All went to one destination tag...

XRP icon XRP at $0.31 on Mar 29, 2019

OnMar30, #DavidSchwartz, the CTO of Ripple Inc Plans to hold an AMA session at Quora, here's the link: www.quora.com/...52294 Such talks are always very insightful. Drop a question or two guys!!!

XRP icon XRP at $0.31 on Mar 29, 2019

#Ripple Inc has partnered with six Indian banks and the latest is #FederalBank, a dominant player in the Indian remittance circles controlling a massive 15 percent. If anything this is a strategic move by Ripple Inc and just a step closer towards controlling 80 percent of India's Remittance, a feat #AsheeshBirla so desires!!!! Remember his interview? Lol... youtu.be/...l5chw

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Overview of XRP

Ripple the company offers two things for their clients: the Ripple cryptocurrency tokens called XRP and Ripple the platform which is a private blockchain. Ripple the company, launched in 2012, is actually a revenue generating entity whose objective is to create an internet of value, a global web made up of financial institutions and international banks using the Ripple platform to transfer funds.

If most global banks use their platform, then users will benefit from instantaneous transfers-takes about 3 seconds and close to zero transaction fees. Ripple processes close to 1500 TPS compared with Bitcoin which does 15 TPS.

All participating banks are part of the Ripple blockchain as they are plugged into the network through gateways in a unique feature called a Ripple Transaction Protocol.

Founders: Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Video about XRP