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add active $220.89  on  Sep 20, 2019 

Points in Time

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $184.75  on  Aug 15, 2019

Another Ponzi scheme. People just don’t learn. If it sounds to good...But great buying opp for ETH.

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $251.28  on  May 21, 2019

#Ethereum#ETH success and project preference has to do with its ecosystem..check out why in this thread, really interesting:

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $174.58  on  May 7, 2019

Another reason to #Build. The slow, meandering path to #Serenity. Here's to #ETH and #ProgrammableMoney. To time and investment---

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $155.55  on  Apr 26, 2019

Exactly,what do traders, passive investors expect from #BitFinex when months can't pass without scandals? After #NYOAG revelation, the exchange has had a "coin run". 20 percent of #Bitcoin#BTC and #Ethereum#ETH have been withdrawn in response to #BitFinex's decision to raid #USDT reserves

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $164.10  on  Apr 24, 2019

Prominent,#crypto lawyer raising legitimate concerns. Well, fact is--and there is evidence--most #ICOs were scams, defrauding unsuspecting investors. #Ethereum played host to these scams, will affected investors take action? I guess not!

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $174.49  on  Apr 23, 2019

Mainstream argument, is that #Ethereum is smart contracting platform and not a store of value #SoV. Well, with #Constantinople, #Serenity#EIP1234 and the reservation demand of the second most valuable asset, #ETH may compete with #Bitcoin as a reliable store of value.

Ethereum icon Ethereum  at  $164.47  on  Apr 5, 2019

#BitcoinCash up 73 percent, #Litecoin up 44 percent.....meanwhile #Ethereum struggle is real.....

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Overview of Ethereum

Ethereum, like Bitcoin works in a decentralized manner. The platform operates smart contract applications which function just as created without any possibility of downtime, external interference or fraud. In a nutshell, Ethereum can be said to be a platform -not a currency, which strives to be the world's computer.

Unlike Bitcoin Ethereum is such way as to make it adaptable and easy to tailor to specific needs. Smart contracts are essentially tasks run on this platform and are the means by which services and currency are exchanged. Powering this functionality is the Ethereum Virtual Machine that is Turing complete and processes all smart contract related scripts through all the nodes connected to the Ethereum network.

The name for this platform's currency is Ether though generated tokens like those complaint with ERC-20 can also be means of exchange in their own right. Crowdfunding platforms and prediction markets platforms like Augur are two of the many applications that can be ran on Ethereum. All in all, the Ethereum platform is an efficient tool for its users.

Founder: Vitalik Buterin
Release Date: July 30, 2015

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