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Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $7,833.51  on  May 13, 2019

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It Will Take Bitcoin (BTC) Less than 25 Years to Establish Itself as Premier Money

Bitcoin (BTC) is only a decade old but supporters now claim that it will take a mere 25 years before it becomes premier money.

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $5,331.00  on  Apr 30, 2019

We are 10 years in, trends reveal #Bitcoin#BTC use will explode. A paltry 20 percent of Americans under 35 own #Bitcoin. In 25 years it may be the premier money. In two decades in may trade above $1 million. Banks are ramping up, buying Gold. Next year halving. #BTC is scarce. The time is now. #BuyBitcoin#ShortBankerstwitter.com/...95904

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