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Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $5,597.20 on Apr 23, 2019

In this #Bitcoin #BTC bull run, take caution. Gains are slow--but sweet, and when prices melt, they slide faster. Here are the billions waiting on the side lines in #USDT #Tether #USDCoin #TrueUSD #Paxos #Gemini #Dai twitter.com/...19170

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Bitcoin icon Bitcoin at $5,490.32 on Apr 25, 2019

#Bitcoin slams down after #NewYork's top lawyer alleges #Bitfinex used at least $700 million from #Tether's cash reserves to cover up an $850 million loss www.newsbtc.com/.../amp/

Tether And Bitfinex Imbroglio Plunges Bitcoin Price By 5.8% | NewsBTC

A document unveiled by the New York Attorney General's (NYAG) office on Thursday has revealed that iFinex, the company behind both Tether (USDT) and

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Honestly, iFinex officials are poor at handling crisis..now another IEO. Objective, a flash $1 billion to raise funds as whales line up with a $300 million USDT deal...why?

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Tether icon Tether at $1.01 on Apr 30, 2019

Boom,and it is game over for #Tether, #USDT, #BitFinex and #iFinex. Sworn affidavit reveals #USDT is not 100 percent backed by #USD: twitter.com/...31552

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TRON icon TRON at $0.02 on May 1, 2019

Because of the controversy around #Tether #USDT, Justin is postponing is $20 million reward distribution: medium.com/...b3ab4

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Paxos Standard Token icon Paxos Standard Token at $1.02 on Apr 26, 2019

We see the demand shift from #Tether to other USD stable coins with 10 Million newly minted Paxos Standard Token overnight. www.coindesk.com/...tions

$10 Million in Paxos Stablecoins Printed Overnight Following Tether Allegations - CoinDesk

More than 10 million Paxos Standard stablecoins were minted after the New York Attorney General's bombshell allegations about rival issuer Tether.

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Will love to see Paxos but the problem is this: https://www.paxos.com/zh/aml-kyc/...crypto "investors" dislike compliance and is the very reason we have crypto in the first place. In my view, Tether, despite all the shenanigans, is here to stay thanks to widespread use and accompanying liquidity

That's all we got for #Tether!