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Bitcoin SV icon Bitcoin SV  at  $187.60  on  May 29, 2019

Fake news!!! It is now emerging that #BSV is pumping because allegedly, Craig Wright is the real #Satoshi and plans to move 50k from 1 Million #BTC under his custody. twitter.com/...54912

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Jameson Lopp sleep pattern analysis reveals that the elusive #Satoshi of #Bitcoin#BTC is from the Eastern Coast of US:  ethereumworldnews.com/...veal/

Bitcoin (BTC) Founder, Satoshi Operates from The Eastern Coast of USA, Sleep Pattern Analysis Reveal

Bitcoin (BTC) detectives are closing in on Satoshi Nakamoto and from his standard sleeping patterns, analysis show he operates from Eastern US

Bitcoin SV icon Bitcoin SV  at  $54.90  on  Apr 16, 2019

I wonder what investors are thinking. #BitcoinSV is under attack and against determined enemies in Changpeng Zhao of #Binance, will they weather the storm? This is not what #Satoshi envisioned? ethereumworldnews.com/...call/

Exchanges Delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV) Is Not Censorship, It's A Wakeup Call

Cryptocurrency exchanges are delisting Bitcoin SV from their platforms due to Wright’s claims that he is the real Satoshi. The move signifies the massive strength of crypto exchanges and t...

Some say this is centralization, but I think the fact that Binance and other exchanges can choose to delist BSV, it shows that we are decentralization. I never heard anyone complaining that it was centralized when they got listed, so how is centralized if they get delisted!

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Sad day for #crypto and #Bitcoin,sad day for #freedom, and gloom day for #humanrightsactivits. #JulianAssange, arrest is a blow! But did you know that Julian Assange was amongst the first members of the #CypherPunk Movement? In fact he shared the same mailing list with #Satoshi, the mysterious founder of #Bitcoin----www.linkedin.com/...lkon/

The CypherPunks Ten Prophets - Julian Assange

Julian Assange and His Little Known Impact on Cryptocurrencies Google’s search tracking program, Google Trends, shows a sharp uptick in Bitcoin and Ethereum Google searches starting on N...

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