Points made with #China

Bitcoin icon Bitcoin  at  $10,587.30  on  Jul 20, 2019

#Bitcoin, even after deliberate and sometimes ignorant attacks, will survive. It overcame #China banning cryptocurrency exchanges, it shall outlive #India and well, the world now knows there is an alternative to the "mighty" #USD backed by nothing but "Thin air". At $10.5k, #BTC is fundamentally under-priced, available at a discount.

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I'm of the opinion that if #China wants to ban #Bitcoin and #cryptocurrencymining then they may as well ban electricity. It makes no sense to claim that it is "wasteful, that players don't adhere to relevant laws and that it is not a long-term economic activity" yet #bitmain is churning out billions of dollars in revenue and taxes. Ponder this--- twitter.com/...51560

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